Some Free Advice

The team at DesignerSpeech had to severely cogitate regarding the ramifications of giving you lot something for free but then we realised that actually the advice we are GIVING you here really isn’t anything we can charge for! After all we are not re-inventing the wheel here. The reinvention lies in our material which we do ask a nominal fee for!

The 7Ps – Prior Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

This is an old military adage adopted by the SAS and if it’s good enough for them then certainly good enough for us. Never a truer word has ever been spoken though when it comes to delivering a speech. Preparing for the Performance is going to allow you to find out what works, what doesn’t and most importantly will install you with a wonderful confidence that you will exude on the big day and will enhance your delivery no end.

Timing Is Everything

A lot of best man speech guides will tell you to keep it short and normally between 5-7 minutes. That is because they are relying you on to use the same old material that bestman the world over use! We would say that if you have great material (and let’s face it you will have because you have subscribed to then if you want to go a little bit longer than go for it. Be warned though nothing is worse than a best man droning on for 15 minutes + if he is not entertaining his crowd but this is your moment and if you have planned and prepared and feel good about your content then feel free to extend beyond the “7 minute ceiling” you will find in most guides. The people won’t want you to stop if you are entertaining them but strike the right balance and always leave them wanting more!
Don’t get hung up on the length of your speech and make sure you don’t deliver it as if you want it over with in two minutes. Take your time and enjoy it! Time yourself when you practice it but allow for extra time on the day. Remember people WILL be laughing and you need to let this die down before continuing with the next part of your speech.

The Inside Man

Beware of the best man bore who only has ‘inside gags’ that only a handful of guests may agree is funny. You don’t want them to be thinking ‘I guess you had to be there’. Our material is designed as much as possible to be generic material that can be used whoever you are, whoever your groom is and whoever the guests are.

Know Your Audience

Again a lot of guides will tell you not to use certain material but how would they know?! You need to make the decision. If your audience is full of characters of ill repute then you might get away with a bit of Borderline material. If your guests would live up to the title of ‘Ladies & Gentleman’ then perhaps temper the material accordingly and firmly hedge yourself on the safer side of the fence!

Starter, Main, Dessert

Same as the wedding banquet you are likely to have hardly touched, a great speech needs a great starter, a satisfying main and a dessert that leaves a great taste in everyone’s mouth. DesignerSpeech has presented our material so you can do that perfectly! Build your speech.

Speech Prompter

Have you seen the guy who just reads his speech word for word? Who speaks like this? Would you speak like this down the pub? Would you speak to your family like this? Don’t be this guy. People hate this guy. The best way is to get some hand size bits of card that will prompt you when you need it. Rehearse and practice your speech until it is ingrained and you will hardly need to refer to them and instead will be engaging your audience and charming them with your natural, charismatic and confident delivery.

A Sobering Thought

A slurring best man is not an attractive site. We are hoping you will have practiced the speech many times and in 99.9% cases you have probably done it sober so don’t fall at the final fence and get sloshed before you have to deliver! A bit of dutch courage might not be the worst thing in the world but don’t overdo it!

A Bit Of Appreciation

A lot of people have contributed to the wedding and a lit bit of appreciation to the bride, groom and all of The Main Players will always go a long way.

Boom Boom Boom

DesignerSpeech are going to help you create a speech that starts with a laugh and keeps the gags coming. We aren’t looking to turn you into Peter Kay or Jerry Seinfeld but a speech with plenty of opportunities for laughter is going to give you plenty of confidence, entertain your guests and if one of them flops (not with our material!) then don’t worry we have another one coming along in a few seconds!

Hold Your Nerve

Nerves are a natural part of the speech delivery process so don’t worry if you are nervous and remember everyone is on your side and is willing you to do well. They haven’t paid for their seats so are not exactly expecting Elvis! Deal with your nerves by taking some deep breaths and take comfort in the fact you have prepared and practiced a speech that has great material. At the same time if you don’t have nerves then you might be a bit over confident!